applying my new style on this tag.. to join TOTW hahahaha.. messy one T_T


trying to improve the lights and smudge tecnique T_T


after creating this tag.. time to showoff.. hehe my newstyle in smudging oh yeah!


hehehe.. i create a sig for sakura.. my ultimate crush.. hehehe
hope she like it.. ^^

escaped (sprite tag)

well.. i think this is my 2nd sprite tag... hhmmm,,, it's a experemental tag.. hahaha

broken and alone

Broken and Alone... im such a worthless person! damn! i thought she's the one...
but still i will wait for that day! ^^v


well this my entry in TOTW Theme: Black and White... i posted the original version..
^^ hope you like it baby.. Good Luck To me!

Black and White Version

twisted impact

twisted impact tag.. a abstract tag.. hehe this is my entry for TOTW Theme: abstract..
GooD Luck To me! LOL

my entry in SOTW theme : render manip ^^

hmm.. this is the outcome of my new style of making a tag.. this tag is full of stock... i've use 5 stocks for the bg ^^ and i'm not use any brush or c4d for the lights in the lower part of the tag ^^ good luck to me ^^s

a new style??? i dont think so rofl

well... i try something new.. lol i don't think so if this is a new style rofl..
hope you like it guyz ^^